Every now and then I get an itch to do something different. Now ordinarily my style tends to side on the traditional and distressed side, with a sincere passion of mid-century modern and a hate of clutter and knick knacks. With three little guys and a husband and their respective stuff EVERYWHERE, there’s not a ton of room for the pretty and thankfully that appeals to me. The lack of things lends itself to a more streamlined look and as I get older I see myself moving towards more things modern while my husband still pitches a fit when I *gasp* suggest covering wood with paint. (Most of the time I win and he admits I was right, and not gonna lie, it’s fantastic)

So behold! I give you … a MODERN boy’s room. Now let me be clear. I would never, EVER put a cow hide in my house. While I know they have their place, my home is not one of those places. But, like I said, every now and then I do something different.

I adore the old-fashioned Ethan Allen bed and if I could, would go out and buy three of those today. I am obsessed with gray. I love the clean lines of the modern chair and something about the shape echoes a vintage era. And those night tables? Gorgeous. I love the wood with the black feet- it ties into the overall color scheme and my rule of at least two hits per color/wood tone in a room, which gives streamlines and gives it a thought-out look. The wood tone’s help tone down the chill that I find the modern look so often gives; wood brings warmth and character.




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