I have a confession.

I want a girl sooooo badly. I have three wonderful, happy and healthy little dudes running around, and I’m so thankful. I’m a good mom for boys; blood and worms don’t gross me out. My husband loves all things guy.

I don’t get guy stuff.
I don’t get camping a couple of hours away from the nearest bathroom just to be more “realistic.” I don’t get driving with the windows down and no AC when it’s 97 outside. I don’t get the obsession with cars and all those car parts. While I love a good football game, I don’t freak if I can’t watch it live and I’m not sullen (for long) if we (PROUD STEELER NATION) lose. I can multitask. I can look for things before I ask for their location (pet peeve!)

I want someone I can pretty up, get pedicures with, shop for a wedding dress…I want to send her back up to her room to change and I want to comb and comb and comb her hair and practice my non-self french braids. I want little dresses and jewelry boxes. I want my boys to treasure a baby sister because she’s a little girl. I want her to know she’s always protected. I want to see my husband pick her up and twirl her around and have tea parties.

BUT…if and until I get my little girl (and not a prissy one; she’ll have three brothers…She’ll have to learn tree houses and how to change a flat tire and avoid a good tackle), I content myself with designing wonderful little rooms and ooh-ing and aww-ing the baby section at Target.


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