Let’s Talk … Plaid!

Monday’s are for dreaming and endless cups of coffee and tea and cinnamon rolls and cuddles with our babies.  Let’s forget we have to get up for work, or make breakfast for three million hungry little boys, or that Monday is cleaning day or that your husband absolutely refuses to put his laundry IN the basket.  Just NEXT to the basket.  Let’s pretend it’s still the weekend and that sleeping-in is really a thing.  And that by next Monday, you will have won the lottery.

Let’s Talk Plaid. I LOVE plaid. Not kitschy plaid; not farmer’s plaid, and not 80’s plaid-couches plaid. I love plaid interpreted in new way – generally in cool tones, overscaled and as an accent. I don’t mind a more traditional plaid in as a small accent; I think it evokes mugs of coffee, crackling fires, thick books and cuddling. I am the quintessential girl that loves to cuddle…for like five minutes, until I get irritated that I have to share a blanket and space and then cuddling is no more.

Anyhoo, feast your eyes on plaid.  Get a cup of coffee, your tasty treat and shop plaid.


(1) Bergdorf Goodman / (2) Fairbault Woolen Mill, Co / (3) Casa.com / (4) Amara (5) Crate and Barrel / (6) Target Threshold Brand – no longer available / (7) West Elm (8) Lamps Plus / (9) Crate and Barrel


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