Fashion Fridays : For the Love of Green

Ok, so I skipped Wednesday and Thursday and now it’s Friday and I’m back on fashion. oomph.

That’s because clothes and jewels make me happy. It’s my happy place…where I can forget about all that candy hiding in the world’s biggest bowl and the fact that on top of the copious amounts of candy I’m sure my kids sneaked, I fed them Cinnamon Chex for breakfast.

So let’s talk pretty. GREEN! Green is my absolute, bar none, I-love-it-sooooo-much favorite color. And I love blazers. Clearly. Since the invention of Fashion Fridays (i.e….last Friday morning when desperately trying to think of anything to post after three hours of sleep) I have featured blazers as the primary top in both outfits (and news! many more to come!)  I love them; they’re like hugs from my boys.  They are shapely and feminine without being revealing, easily layered or discarded, and can lend an outfit a casual outfit or a feeling of formality.

Emeralds are my favorite jewel. I adore textured purses. I used to prefer silver; now gold is quickly becoming my favorite.  A flower necklace – perfect and feminine with an additional emerald necklace.  A gold and green watch.  Perfection.  And while I don’t get to rock the heels that much anymore – they don’t work while playing football with a four-year old – GREEN pumps with green and gold adornment fabulous-ness? Done. I’m yours. You’re mine.

Have a lovely Friday, November 1 and floss, brush, repeat!

For the Love of Green


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