• It’s November, ya’ll!  I can’t believe it!  Another year almost gone and I’m another year old.  Just kidding.  I’ll never be older than 28.  Ever.
  • I am a total Halloween Scrooge.  I really can’t stand it, but I love pumpkin carving…mostly because I love toasted pumpkin seeds.
  • I’m waiting for the weather to cool down to a comfortable 78 degrees.  Come on, Miami!
  • This piped bedding might be one of the most strikingly beautifully simple things I have ever seen in my life.
  • Because I’m not content with keeping my obsession with plaid to Let’s Talk..Plaid, here’s another plaid piece of beautifulness.
  • I am obsessed with mercury glass.
  • I have a dirty secret; I love gnomes…like I bought  Steelers garden gnome for my husband one year for Christmas for a joke (secretly I wanted it)  So this DIY is a must-do in my house this year, even if I have to buy them and have them shipped.
  • One of these for every door in my house come Christmas-time, please.
  • I love simple, striking dresses like this.
  • This necklace is just beyond gorgeous and it’s a rose.  Enough said.
  • I could do a Roundabouts post just on their shoes, like this one…WHAT??? Gorgeousness.  It’s foot jewelry.
  • Sprinkle Bakes is amazing; if you want a sugar coma without the guilt just go through the pictures of the most beautiful desserts ever, like this toffee chocolate thing.  Amazing.
  • Because mustaches are funny, and even funnier when they’re on animals.
  • For all meat-and-potato husbands out there, like mine.  This gorgeous dish tempts even me.
  • This cover of Lorde’s “Royals” is amazing.  I’m in the minority here when I say that the original really drives me nuts but I could listen to this version all day long.  Along with my Backstreet Boys tracks….I miss the 90’s, people.

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