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Fashion Fridays : For the Love of Green

Ok, so I skipped Wednesday and Thursday and now it’s Friday and I’m back on fashion. oomph.

That’s because clothes and jewels make me happy. It’s my happy place…where I can forget about all that candy hiding in the world’s biggest bowl and the fact that on top of the copious amounts of candy I’m sure my kids sneaked, I fed them Cinnamon Chex for breakfast.

So let’s talk pretty. GREEN! Green is my absolute, bar none, I-love-it-sooooo-much favorite color. And I love blazers. Clearly. Since the invention of Fashion Fridays (i.e….last Friday morning when desperately trying to think of anything to post after three hours of sleep) I have featured blazers as the primary top in both outfits (and news! many more to come!)  I love them; they’re like hugs from my boys.  They are shapely and feminine without being revealing, easily layered or discarded, and can lend an outfit a casual outfit or a feeling of formality.

Emeralds are my favorite jewel. I adore textured purses. I used to prefer silver; now gold is quickly becoming my favorite.  A flower necklace – perfect and feminine with an additional emerald necklace.  A gold and green watch.  Perfection.  And while I don’t get to rock the heels that much anymore – they don’t work while playing football with a four-year old – GREEN pumps with green and gold adornment fabulous-ness? Done. I’m yours. You’re mine.

Have a lovely Friday, November 1 and floss, brush, repeat!

For the Love of Green


Fashion Fridays

Yes to fashion. And shoes. And gold jewelry. And shoes. And blazers with an amazing pattern and shape. And a leather skirt giving just a hint of …fun? Yep. Fun. In a fun sort of sense. And a clutch easily tucked under the arm while moving about and holding a glass of wine. White or red, your pick. (Pick red!) A lovely Pinot Noir…I see this with a soft French twist and what I love about this blazer? It’s got pattern so when mama’s that are craving their babies love can snuggle to their heart’s content and not worry too much about their clothes being ruined. So, ladies, be a threat and love on those amazing shoes.

Happy Friday, all! Cheers to you!