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A Dream Office

It’s no secret to anyone that I’m girly. Also, I love white. If I could, my entire house would be decorate in shades of white with hits of my “neutrals” i.e., green, blue and gray. As it is I have one ridiculously athletic and naturally messy husband and three little dude’s running around. The kids sole mission in life is to keep my house in a perpetual state of Lego hazard while covering every surface in stickers and spilling everything possible on my white West Elm sectional.  There is no single action designed to skyrocket my blood pressure like those kids approaching my coach without clean hands.


My response to a chocolate syrup sneak (complements of my middle guy) from the fridge today?  This creation during nap-time.

We may live in South Florida but my style is inherently preppy and color-less.  I love a desk with storage that doesn’t beg for overstuffing.  I love clean surfaces and big pictures.  I think sideboards and buffets make excellent storage in an office due to their sheer size and natural storage options.  They’re quite easy to find too, in thrift stores and flea markets and if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, relatively easy to refinish and make your own.

I feel relaxed and inspired just looking at it.  Yes, please.  I’ll take everything.




I have a confession.

I want a girl sooooo badly. I have three wonderful, happy and healthy little dudes running around, and I’m so thankful. I’m a good mom for boys; blood and worms don’t gross me out. My husband loves all things guy.

I don’t get guy stuff.
I don’t get camping a couple of hours away from the nearest bathroom just to be more “realistic.” I don’t get driving with the windows down and no AC when it’s 97 outside. I don’t get the obsession with cars and all those car parts. While I love a good football game, I don’t freak if I can’t watch it live and I’m not sullen (for long) if we (PROUD STEELER NATION) lose. I can multitask. I can look for things before I ask for their location (pet peeve!)

I want someone I can pretty up, get pedicures with, shop for a wedding dress…I want to send her back up to her room to change and I want to comb and comb and comb her hair and practice my non-self french braids. I want little dresses and jewelry boxes. I want my boys to treasure a baby sister because she’s a little girl. I want her to know she’s always protected. I want to see my husband pick her up and twirl her around and have tea parties.

BUT…if and until I get my little girl (and not a prissy one; she’ll have three brothers…She’ll have to learn tree houses and how to change a flat tire and avoid a good tackle), I content myself with designing wonderful little rooms and ooh-ing and aww-ing the baby section at Target.