Let’s Talk … Sparkling Shoes!!!!!

Because for me sometimes, MORE IS MORE.  And more, and more, and more.

I LOVE shoes.  Like I can’t state how much I absolutely love shoes.  Shoes are awesome.  They are the rainbow in the sky to an outfit and to gals like me, they are our jumping off point to an outfit much like a fabric is to a room.  On this wonderful Tuesday, we are talking the pretty.  We are talking big jeweled heels of gorgeousness and for you girls that like the comfy flats, a couple of those thrown in for good measure, because although I live in flats now (excluding Sunday’s) I don’t like them.

Now, get your cup of tea and a scone and search out these lovelies, from my personal favorite – the paisley with the gorgeous buckle – to those fabulous turquoise halter pumps … I have no words.






  • It’s November, ya’ll!  I can’t believe it!  Another year almost gone and I’m another year old.  Just kidding.  I’ll never be older than 28.  Ever.
  • I am a total Halloween Scrooge.  I really can’t stand it, but I love pumpkin carving…mostly because I love toasted pumpkin seeds.
  • I’m waiting for the weather to cool down to a comfortable 78 degrees.  Come on, Miami!
  • This piped bedding might be one of the most strikingly beautifully simple things I have ever seen in my life.
  • Because I’m not content with keeping my obsession with plaid to Let’s Talk..Plaid, here’s another plaid piece of beautifulness.
  • I am obsessed with mercury glass.
  • I have a dirty secret; I love gnomes…like I bought  Steelers garden gnome for my husband one year for Christmas for a joke (secretly I wanted it)  So this DIY is a must-do in my house this year, even if I have to buy them and have them shipped.
  • One of these for every door in my house come Christmas-time, please.
  • I love simple, striking dresses like this.
  • This necklace is just beyond gorgeous and it’s a rose.  Enough said.
  • I could do a Roundabouts post just on their shoes, like this one…WHAT??? Gorgeousness.  It’s foot jewelry.
  • Sprinkle Bakes is amazing; if you want a sugar coma without the guilt just go through the pictures of the most beautiful desserts ever, like this toffee chocolate thing.  Amazing.
  • Because mustaches are funny, and even funnier when they’re on animals.
  • For all meat-and-potato husbands out there, like mine.  This gorgeous dish tempts even me.
  • This cover of Lorde’s “Royals” is amazing.  I’m in the minority here when I say that the original really drives me nuts but I could listen to this version all day long.  Along with my Backstreet Boys tracks….I miss the 90’s, people.

Fashion Fridays : For the Love of Green

Ok, so I skipped Wednesday and Thursday and now it’s Friday and I’m back on fashion. oomph.

That’s because clothes and jewels make me happy. It’s my happy place…where I can forget about all that candy hiding in the world’s biggest bowl and the fact that on top of the copious amounts of candy I’m sure my kids sneaked, I fed them Cinnamon Chex for breakfast.

So let’s talk pretty. GREEN! Green is my absolute, bar none, I-love-it-sooooo-much favorite color. And I love blazers. Clearly. Since the invention of Fashion Fridays (i.e….last Friday morning when desperately trying to think of anything to post after three hours of sleep) I have featured blazers as the primary top in both outfits (and news! many more to come!)  I love them; they’re like hugs from my boys.  They are shapely and feminine without being revealing, easily layered or discarded, and can lend an outfit a casual outfit or a feeling of formality.

Emeralds are my favorite jewel. I adore textured purses. I used to prefer silver; now gold is quickly becoming my favorite.  A flower necklace – perfect and feminine with an additional emerald necklace.  A gold and green watch.  Perfection.  And while I don’t get to rock the heels that much anymore – they don’t work while playing football with a four-year old – GREEN pumps with green and gold adornment fabulous-ness? Done. I’m yours. You’re mine.

Have a lovely Friday, November 1 and floss, brush, repeat!

For the Love of Green

Fall Street Style

Normally around this time all the summer clothes would be packed up. I would be airing out our coats, getting rid of the storage smell and wrinkles. Our spring and summer accoutrements of sunscreen, hundreds of baseball caps and flip flops would be traded for cozy hats and scarves, fur-lined gloves and boots of all shapes and sizes. Wellies, snow boots, leather boots…I adore boots. Boots just make an outfit. And if the boot has a lovely long line and a tall skinny heel, well then … It just wants to come home with me!


Michael Kors Knee Boot

I digress.


Smythe Tweed Blazer

Since we live in the land of perpetual 80-something degrees, I can only dream of coats and cable knit sweaters, fair-isle socks and my boots. Our closets stay the same and I haven’t changed my daily around-the-house-matchbox-car-protecting sandals (my trusty Adidas) in what feels like forever. That suits me just fine because while I love clothes of all seasons, I don’t love all seasons. I like those few and far between fall days when it’s chilly in the mornings and evenings but daytime warms up to the low 70’s. I love the rainy cool days when it’s gray and chilly, but only if I can stay inside in a cozy sweater and cuddle up with a good book in front of the fire. But I have kids and those of you with kids know those cozy days in front of the fire are just a faint memory. They don’t exist anymore.

Smythe 2013

Smythe 2013 Mohair Pea Coat in Lake

And I really hate winter. Like really despise winter; I abhor winter. I really, really, really don’t like being cold. I don’t like cold sheets. I don’t like snow and the perpetual gray skies are depressing. The redeeming features of most of fall and all of Christmas is opportunity to change the house around and to pretend-shop by pulling our winter clothes out.


J Crew Plaid Scarf

So I relish my warm weather because we can be outside at all times of the day. I don’t have to find the extra storage for a four seasons worth of clothes and all our sandals can fit in one large basket.

So this is my street style if I could have that kind of street style. I would melt into nothing. But I love a good blazer. You can layer and if you have little boy hands and that get into everything, a blazer with a good pattern is most forgiving. Also I love gold; it’s warm and glowing. And the boots!

Enough said.


Let’s Talk … Plaid!

Monday’s are for dreaming and endless cups of coffee and tea and cinnamon rolls and cuddles with our babies.  Let’s forget we have to get up for work, or make breakfast for three million hungry little boys, or that Monday is cleaning day or that your husband absolutely refuses to put his laundry IN the basket.  Just NEXT to the basket.  Let’s pretend it’s still the weekend and that sleeping-in is really a thing.  And that by next Monday, you will have won the lottery.

Let’s Talk Plaid. I LOVE plaid. Not kitschy plaid; not farmer’s plaid, and not 80’s plaid-couches plaid. I love plaid interpreted in new way – generally in cool tones, overscaled and as an accent. I don’t mind a more traditional plaid in as a small accent; I think it evokes mugs of coffee, crackling fires, thick books and cuddling. I am the quintessential girl that loves to cuddle…for like five minutes, until I get irritated that I have to share a blanket and space and then cuddling is no more.

Anyhoo, feast your eyes on plaid.  Get a cup of coffee, your tasty treat and shop plaid.


(1) Bergdorf Goodman / (2) Fairbault Woolen Mill, Co / (3) Casa.com / (4) Amara (5) Crate and Barrel / (6) Target Threshold Brand – no longer available / (7) West Elm (8) Lamps Plus / (9) Crate and Barrel


Tropical Beauty

Happy Fall from South Florida!

  • This bathroom is beyond words.
  • What a wonderful end to a Sunday for Steeler Nation.
  • I’m admittedly obsessed with Indian food.  Combo of my favorite things in the world – heat, coconut milk and curry.  Yes, please.
  • A perfect breakfast for this wife to feed her husband because I’m selfish and refuse to get up at 4.30 to breakfast.
  • All those Harry Potter facts I wish I had known and my husband and I discussed over and over and over again…Don’t judge.
  • I love all things blue.
  • This room makes me want to grab all seven Harry Potter’s, have my husband build a roaring fire and cuddle with two cats and a never-empty pot of tea.
  • This is beautiful and evokes large, open and blue skies, rolling green grass, a light breeze, a vintage quilt and a basket of apples.
  • Vacation, anyone?
  • Fall is fabulous.
  • I can’t stop listening.
  • I’ll take one for every chair, couch, and bed in my house.  Now.  Please.
  • Just delight yourself in some beautiful-ness.
  • Obsessed with plaid.

Fashion Fridays

Yes to fashion. And shoes. And gold jewelry. And shoes. And blazers with an amazing pattern and shape. And a leather skirt giving just a hint of …fun? Yep. Fun. In a fun sort of sense. And a clutch easily tucked under the arm while moving about and holding a glass of wine. White or red, your pick. (Pick red!) A lovely Pinot Noir…I see this with a soft French twist and what I love about this blazer? It’s got pattern so when mama’s that are craving their babies love can snuggle to their heart’s content and not worry too much about their clothes being ruined. So, ladies, be a threat and love on those amazing shoes.

Happy Friday, all! Cheers to you!



A Dream Office

It’s no secret to anyone that I’m girly. Also, I love white. If I could, my entire house would be decorate in shades of white with hits of my “neutrals” i.e., green, blue and gray. As it is I have one ridiculously athletic and naturally messy husband and three little dude’s running around. The kids sole mission in life is to keep my house in a perpetual state of Lego hazard while covering every surface in stickers and spilling everything possible on my white West Elm sectional.  There is no single action designed to skyrocket my blood pressure like those kids approaching my coach without clean hands.


My response to a chocolate syrup sneak (complements of my middle guy) from the fridge today?  This creation during nap-time.

We may live in South Florida but my style is inherently preppy and color-less.  I love a desk with storage that doesn’t beg for overstuffing.  I love clean surfaces and big pictures.  I think sideboards and buffets make excellent storage in an office due to their sheer size and natural storage options.  They’re quite easy to find too, in thrift stores and flea markets and if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, relatively easy to refinish and make your own.

I feel relaxed and inspired just looking at it.  Yes, please.  I’ll take everything.



I have a confession.

I want a girl sooooo badly. I have three wonderful, happy and healthy little dudes running around, and I’m so thankful. I’m a good mom for boys; blood and worms don’t gross me out. My husband loves all things guy.

I don’t get guy stuff.
I don’t get camping a couple of hours away from the nearest bathroom just to be more “realistic.” I don’t get driving with the windows down and no AC when it’s 97 outside. I don’t get the obsession with cars and all those car parts. While I love a good football game, I don’t freak if I can’t watch it live and I’m not sullen (for long) if we (PROUD STEELER NATION) lose. I can multitask. I can look for things before I ask for their location (pet peeve!)

I want someone I can pretty up, get pedicures with, shop for a wedding dress…I want to send her back up to her room to change and I want to comb and comb and comb her hair and practice my non-self french braids. I want little dresses and jewelry boxes. I want my boys to treasure a baby sister because she’s a little girl. I want her to know she’s always protected. I want to see my husband pick her up and twirl her around and have tea parties.

BUT…if and until I get my little girl (and not a prissy one; she’ll have three brothers…She’ll have to learn tree houses and how to change a flat tire and avoid a good tackle), I content myself with designing wonderful little rooms and ooh-ing and aww-ing the baby section at Target.



Every now and then I get an itch to do something different. Now ordinarily my style tends to side on the traditional and distressed side, with a sincere passion of mid-century modern and a hate of clutter and knick knacks. With three little guys and a husband and their respective stuff EVERYWHERE, there’s not a ton of room for the pretty and thankfully that appeals to me. The lack of things lends itself to a more streamlined look and as I get older I see myself moving towards more things modern while my husband still pitches a fit when I *gasp* suggest covering wood with paint. (Most of the time I win and he admits I was right, and not gonna lie, it’s fantastic)

So behold! I give you … a MODERN boy’s room. Now let me be clear. I would never, EVER put a cow hide in my house. While I know they have their place, my home is not one of those places. But, like I said, every now and then I do something different.

I adore the old-fashioned Ethan Allen bed and if I could, would go out and buy three of those today. I am obsessed with gray. I love the clean lines of the modern chair and something about the shape echoes a vintage era. And those night tables? Gorgeous. I love the wood with the black feet- it ties into the overall color scheme and my rule of at least two hits per color/wood tone in a room, which gives streamlines and gives it a thought-out look. The wood tone’s help tone down the chill that I find the modern look so often gives; wood brings warmth and character.